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Jumping Into 2023 As a Solopreneur

As I sit here on this cold January day, I'm reminded of a routine I do every year at this time - changing dates, assessing business goals, and planning for the year. As a solopreneur coach, I help people figure out what's next for their business, but I have to do it for myself as well. It's the boring stuff. And it can be fun stuff.

It takes us a little while to warm back up after the holidays. That first week back in the swing of things is dark, cold and gray. As solo entrepreneurs, we have to propel ourselves forward without the help of others sometimes. It's a time to be reflective. My birthday is December 31, so I'm doing double time when it comes to reflection! In January, everything is ahead of you! Everything is possible. You can still make your 1st quarter goals and so much time is ahead of you. Don't let that feeling fade. It's just as easy to be excited about the future in mid-February as it is in early January. Once you start seeing successes in the 1st quarter, you can capitalize on that momentum. It's o.k. to be reflective, just make sure you cater to your ambitions as well. It's o.k. to be ambitious. It's o.k. to want to succeed. And it's o.k. to be a little anxious.

This year, I'm taking on new challenges professionally - and I'm anxious, but very excited. If the excitement of this year's business plan makes you more excited than anxious, you're on track! Is this the year that you take the leap and hire contractors? Is 2023 the year that you expand your products and services?

Whatever this year holds for you, I wish you the very best. The world needs you and your business! Don't forget that!


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