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Solopreneur coaching via weblog

Hello all! Do you remember how excited you were when you first started your business? You were ready to take on the world! You had so many good ideas. You even implemented some of them. And then you lost steam after a few years of solopreneurship. It was hard to stay motivated. Then 2020 happened. The COVID pandemic. And it threw a monkey wrench into everything! Your business made it through the pandemic, but it's been hard discerning what the future holds. And your confidence took a big hit. I get it. Mine did too. You could use a shot in the arm - and I'm not talking about vaccines. You could use a boost. You could use community. You could use a jolt to your mindset about business. I've been there! After years of trying to figure everything out myself, I thought a solopreneur blog would help other solo entrepreneurs and in turn, help me as a business owner.

Small businesses account for 99.9% of businesses in the United States. And of those small businesses, 70% are run by single owners or sole proprietors. We are the wave of the future! And more solopreneurs are joining the ranks each day. We write our own business plans and we do all of the administration of our businesses. It's good to see so many people striking out and becoming solopreneurs. What no one told us was that it might be lonely. It might be frustrating to do everything.

Solopreneur coaching to the rescue! There are many business coaches out there and many executive coaches, but solopreneurs need specific help too. We need someone to normalize our feelings. We need someone to tell us we're not alone. We need someone who's been there and can guide us. And we need a reminder that we are powerful.

What is your biggest challenge right now, as a solopreneur? I'd love to hear from you. What are you experiencing? What do you need to succeed? To borrow a phrase from Frasier Crane, "I'm listening."

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