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Reset Your Happy with the Angela Jorden Coaching Reset Your Happy book series!

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Reveal the Real You: Identify your values, passions and talents and see yourself clearly for the first time
(Reset Your Happy℠ Book 1)

You’ve done all of the corporate testing. You know you’re an INTJ and a high C with D tendencies. You’ve been forced to read Who Moved My Cheese? three times. Over the course of your career, employers have evaluated and analyzed your aptitude and skills. A host of people are ready to put labels on you in the workplace and at home. Mom, wife, Director of Sales, Dad, coach, teacher…the list is endless.

What do these things say about the real you? You get to choose who you are. In this first book of the Reset Your Happy℠ series, we'll examine the traits and beliefs that are most important to you, as well as your primary passions and talents. It's the first step in finding out your true identity and living a fulfilled life. Pull back the curtain; it's time to shine!
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Think "Yes!": Unlearning Your Limitations (Reset Your Happy Book 2)

Do you pay attention to the awful things you say to yourself each day? Probably not. Berating ourselves is so rote that it's become a daily routine without much thought. "I suck at math." "I look so fat in these pants." "I'll never find a job."
The truth is, those are someone else's words ringing in our heads, not our own. We've held onto them for so long that they are ours now. Each thought has a physiological response in our brains, making new connections between neurons. Those connections create hormones, emotions and actions that can make our day or ruin our whole week. The good news is, we can learn to recognize our limiting thoughts and deconstruct them. Really! Remember this: You always have choice. You possess the power to reprogram those neurons, in turn changing your brain, cells, and genes. Think "Yes!" and unlearn those limitations.
More Power to You: Saying "No" Without Feeling Guilty (Reset Your Happy Book 3)
Do you over commit to others and leave little time for yourself? It’s o.k. to say “no” to requests for your time. It’s not selfish. It’s not mean. If you’re burned out, you can’t thrive. Setting boundaries is a necessary, effective way to put time and energy back into your “gas tank.” What would it feel like to reclaim your power and take charge of your life? It can happen. And it’s all up to you.
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