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The best thing about being a solopreneur? Control of our schedules, flexibility and freedom. And we are our own boss! No one tells us what to do. The not-so-fun part of being a solopreneur? It's all on us. All of the tasks associated with starting and growing a business...we get to do all of it. As solo business owners, we do everything ourselves. Strategic planning? Check. Marketing? Check. Bookkeeping? Check. That's a lot of work for one person. 

What differentiates solopreneurs from entrepreneurs is that we don't typically hire employees - if we need help, we typically hire contractors. We may or may not scale our business to sell it eventually. So if we need help with marketing and it's not in our wheelhouse, we hire a marketing professional to help us. 

As much as solopreneurs love creating their own products and services, it can be lonely sometimes. We don't
have co-workers to use as sounding boards. We don't have work mentors to guide us through difficult times. Because we essentially work by ourselves in silos, we lack real community and guidance. 

Six Signs That You're Ready for Solopreneur Coaching
  • You second guess yourself and the decisions you make
  • You internalize client rejections and analyze yourself regularly
  • Your confidence has taken a real hit in the last two years
  • You aren't charging enough for your services, but feel bad charging more
  • You've written a business plan, but you're not implementing it
  • The thought of committing to a business plan is scary

Sound like you? It's o.k., I understand. We can all use a boost of confidence. We all want to do the best work we can, but our best can change from day to day. Things like unpaid invoices, needy clients, and unproductive meetings can really sap our energy. One day we're riding high because we signed a new client and the next day, we're wondering how we're going to get everything done. Solopreneurship is filled with ups and downs. 

The truth is, it's worth it. All of the effort. All of the time management. It's worth it, just to know that you're the master of your own destiny! Let's get you back to being a joyful solo entrepreneur. 

What is solopreneur coaching? It's one-on-one business coaching for women solo entrepreneurs. It's coaching tailored to you and your business needs. It's having a personal business planning coach. 
What can solopreneur coaching do for you?
  • Give you accountability
  • Give you clarity and focus
  • Challenge limiting beliefs and dump the "head trash"
  • Enable you to write and implement a business plan
  • Encourage you to step into your power...and that's just for starters! 
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Business Planning

You've written a great business plan, but need a little kick in the pants to implement it. Maybe you need help writing a business plan, but you're not sure where to start. I can help. 

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Own Your Power

You are a bad ass. Truly. You had the vision and passion to start your business. But life happens and you need a little boost. Let's keep you motivated and standing in that power. 

Head Trash.

Take Out the Head Trash

Silence your inner critic! You know, the voice in your head that says you're not smart enough, good enough, productive's all garbage. Let's kick it to the curb. 

Grow Your Vision

Get started today and remember why you started your own business in the first place!

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